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"Long-lost wife" victorious?

Published by Mark Tattersall in Finance · 11/7/2016 17:46:10

“Long-lost ex-wife” victorious? - There was much publicity last year about the case of Mrs Wyatt, who succeeded in a financial claim against her former husband Mr Vince 19 years after they were divorced. When together, they had led a “new age”, hand-to-mouth existence. However, after separation, Mr Vince became a multi-millionaire alternative energy entrepreneur (Mrs Wyatt continued to live on a very modest income). In 2015, Mrs Wyatt was given permission by the Supreme Court to pursue an application for financial provision against Mr Vince, even though, as referred to above, this was 19 years after they divorced and even though they had had effectively no assets when together. She has recently settled her claim against Mr Vince, essentially on the basis that he pays her a lump sum of £300,000. She had been given a heavy hint by the Supreme Court that her claim might well be modest and her relatively small lump sum payment seems to show that she heeded this advice. Mark Tattersall, partner at Chivers Walsh Family Law.

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