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Legal aid is available in some cases

Legal aid is available for us to represent parents who have children about whom a local authority has issued court proceedings for a care order, regardless of their financial circumstances. It is also available, subject to their being financially eligible, for those who need to apply to a court for a personal protection order (”injunction”). However, since 1 April 2013, because of government cut-backs, legal aid has not been available, regardless of financial circumstances, for most other types of family law cases (unless the person seeking legal aid can provide evidence that they have been a victim of domestic violence).  Detailed information about this is given in the information leaflet that you can access by clicking here.  These legal aid cuts have left many people in a vulnerable position on relationship breakdown.  With a view to addressing this, we offer a number of fixed-fee packages, at highly competitive prices, details of which can be found by clicking on the fixed fees button at the side of this page. We also have a litigation funding arrangement for more complex cases where funds may not be immediately available to cover legal fees but will be when matters have been resolved.   

Chivers Walsh Family Law is the trading name of CWFL Limited, the company registration number of which is 11248746 and the registered office of which appears below.

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